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Congrats F-150 For Being FCL 2017 CHAMPIONS !!!
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Player Registration for FCL 2017

You can register yourself into any one team for FCL 2017. If you need help in associating yourself to a team, FCL is here to help you. You can register into the FCL Pool. Based on your profile (Batting/Bowling/All Rounder), other team captains can pick you into their team.
Registartion is closed for this season FCL 2017

Become a member of FCL by joining FCL-Pool. If you need help in associating yourself to a team,you can register into the FCL-Pool. Team captains will look at the "Pool" and will try to contact you

If you need more information,
please contact Ford Cricket League 2017

*****FCL 2017 SEASON ENDS*****

CSC# 11 Sep 8, 2017(6:00PM EST)
F-150 : 86/7(20 Overs)
FIESTA: 24/Allout (12.5 Overs)
F-150 Won by 62 Runs;

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FCL 2017 Closing Ceremony